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PSAP Plus Hearing Enhancer


Product Features:

  • Universal fit for left or right ear
  • Weighs less than 0.25 oz. and rests comfortably and discretely behind the ear with, or without eyeglasses
  • Two listening modes offered – Environmental Adaptive mode for everyday hearing enhancement and a Power Boost mode when greater amplification is needed
  • Powered by Lucid™ sound processing technology
  • Proprietary Sound Activation Compression (SAC) circuit automatically makes soft sounds louder and keeps loud sounds comfortable
  • Mode button to select listening settings
  • Ability to adjust treble and bass settings via AFT tool
  • Omni-directional microphone
  • Dynamic feedback canceller suppresses and stops unwanted feedback without sacrificing sound quality or enhancement.
  • Moisture repellant nano technology coating
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America Hears Personal Sound Amplifier (PSAP) PLUS is an inexpensive and powerful way to help you hear better when you are not quite ready for a hearing aid. The PSAP Plus is Powered by Lucid™, a state-of-the-art technology designed to deliver a more natural sound quality. Powered by Lucid™ technology is superior to traditional “compression” hearing products as it provides the wearer with better assistance in noisy environments like restaurants as well as in quiet situations such as when you are having soft conversations. Our Adjustable Frequency Tuning feature adjusts bass and treble for a customized crystal clear sound anywhere you go.

What’s Included:

  • Two size 13 batteries
  • Acoustic tube for both the left and right ear
  • Ear tip variety pack includes small/med./large plastic domes, and 2 size foam tips
  • User instruction manual
  • Case for storage or travel
  • Cleaning brush with magnet for battery removal
  • AFT adjustment tool